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LBRA Membership Form

LBRA Annual Membership Fees: 

Billed Annually, September 1st.  Due October 1st.

$480: Individual (rowing – voting)

$720: Family

$240: Young Adult (18-22yrs old)

$25: Friend (Contact info is placed in Membership Directory)

$50: Orientation fee for experienced rowers (first year only)

$200: Member Boat Storage per boat (Individual)

$200: Life Member Boat Storage per boat (Individual)

$350: Non-Member Boat Storage per boat (Individual)

$75: Small Locker Rental

$200: Large Locker Rental

Membership Volunteer Hours:

Each member is required by LBRA’s by-laws to volunteer at least 12 hours per year to the common cause. Click on the Volunteer link to discover the myriad volunteer opportunities.

Guidelines for Use:

Please make sure that you’ve read LBRA’s Guidelines for Use which includes information on LBRA’s equipment, water-ways and facilities.

Apply for Membership or Boat Storage

These LBRA Membership Forms can be downloaded and printed, then filled out by hand. However, you can now open them, fill them out on screen, and then print them using Acrobat Reader’s print button (that’s the small printer icon in the upper right of the window when you open a pdf file). To fill out the forms on screen before printing, you must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5.x or higher). Click here if you need to upgrade.


For more information or to become a member, contact our membership Chair at or 562-270-5769.



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