Rowing offers health and fitness benefits as well as the benefit of forming friendships.  Long Beach Rowing Association is fortunate to have a highly qualified group of coaches that can assist all rowers in working toward their personal goals.  Rowers joining organized group rows can expect to pay $10 per session to the coach unless otherwise stated. Private lessons average $50 per session. Please contact individual coaches for specific rates and to make an appointment.

Novice and intermediate rowing

Contact: Sarah Mackenzie –

See schedule

Women’s Masters Rowing – Competitive and Progressive

Katrin Gleie –

See Bio and  schedule

Men’s Competitive Rowing – intermediate and advanced

Contact: Anna Liberovsky –

See schedule

Coached Sweep Rowing –All Levels

Fridays: 6:00–8:00 pm

Contact: AC duPont – or 562-773-5516

Private or small group lessons– All Levels

Anna Liberovsky –
See schedule

Katrin Gleie –

Sherri Kiklas-

AC duPont – or 562-773-5516

Sarah Mackenzie –

Carlos Recharte  – .  See Bio